Failure to upgrade from 21.1 to 21.2 or re-install from newly downloaded Setup.exe

Failure to upgrade from 21.1 to 21.2 or re-install from newly downloaded Setup.exe gustavo palacios  2022-03-07

Dear Sirs, I need help to troubleshooting my inability to update one PC to the latest Skyline version. I also tried to re-install it using the downloaded setup file, but this operation also fails. I made screenshots of the error messages from numerous failures to upgrade and failures to re-install attempts. I have also included an screenshot of the system information where these issues keep happening. Of note: I also have Skyline in another PC, with much less memory RAM and processor power, and in that one the latest update did happen with no inconvenient.

I hope the attached information is sufficient to help me figure out how to update to the latest Skyline version my PC workstation.

With my kind regards,


Nick Shulman responded:  2022-03-07
You can always upgrade Skyline by going directly to the Skyline website.

You might get more information about what is going wrong if you try going to the following page in your web browser:
You might get better information about the problem if you use a Microsoft web browser such as Edge to go to that URL. Microsoft's browser more closely matches what happens when software is being installed, so if there is a problem with your computer's security settings which is preventing you from being able to download software from that page, you are more likely to see a useful error message in Microsoft Edge.

If you are unable to install Skyline by going to the Skyline website, you might have more luck with the "unplugged" installer:

-- Nick
gustavo palacios responded:  2022-03-08
Thank you. The unplugged installer did work, after uninstalling the previous version.

With my best regards,