Skyline Can Not Update on Win11

Skyline Can Not Update on Win11 wangqingok  2022-02-28

Dear Skyline Team,

I tried to open some of my skyline files created under 21.2 on my Win11 system where only the 21.1 is installed. However the update can not proceed with the attached error message. Could you please help? Thank you so much!

Nick Shulman responded:  2022-02-28
That error is telling you that Skyline was unable to connect to the Skyline website to check whether there is a new version of Skyline available. There might have been a temporary network problem and Skyline might succeed the next time that you start Skyline.

Even if Skyline fails to check for a new version, you can always install Skyline by going directly to the Skyline website:

If you are unable to install Skyline the usual way, you can use the "unplugged" installer:

If you get more errors related to not being able to connect to that URL, I would recommend going to this page using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer:

Skyline can be installed using any web browser, but if there is a setting which is preventing Windows from wanting to install software from the Skyline website you might get a more informative error message if you try to go to the same URL using a Microsoft browser.
-- Nick