Trouble importing LCMS .d files

Trouble importing LCMS .d files asaha76  2022-02-28

Hi Skyline team,
I am not able to import two of my LCMS files while one which was done as a control with glycans from a kit are working. I have uploaded the three files as a zip folder, as well as a screenshot of the two files which aren't uploading. My operating system is Windows and I'm using Skyline

Nick Shulman responded:  2022-02-28
I believe your .d folders are missing some of the files that need to be there.

I see that your .d folders do contain a folder named "AcqData", which causes Skyline to recognize them as Agilent data folders.
However, in order for Skyline to be able to read mass spectrometry data out of a folder like that, the AcqData folder needs to contains either a file named "mspeak.bin" or "msprofile.bin".

-- Nick