Sample Group Labeling Swap incorrectin -daily (you can ignore this)

Sample Group Labeling Swap incorrectin -daily (you can ignore this) Will Thompson  2021-12-06

Seems to be a pretty bad bug in (current daily) where it swaps the labels on the bar chart/replicate intensity chart when you use the Sample Group function. I've tried with a couple different documents and behavior is this:

  1. Add Sample Group to the Document Settings (Value List)
  2. Assign replicates to two different groups in the document grid / replicates
  3. In the replicate intensity pane, right click and choose group by/sample group

Behavior: Skyline then gathers the replicates and labels them with the group name. The problem is, it swaps the group name from what is actually assigned in the document grid.


Will Thompson responded:  2021-12-06
Title: Sample Group Labeling Swap incorrectin -daily

Slight modification to the above post...What I did not notice is that the y-axis on the display when I do the process above actually changes to "Peak Area CV (%)". Is that the expected behavior? So... It looks like the labeling is actually not swapped, it was just also swapping the display to %CV. Sorry for the alarm. What i'd like to do is actually display the peak area aggregate...

Will Thompson responded:  2021-12-06

I had CV Values checked. Call it a case of the Mondays. Thanks!