Skyline admin install - update does not work?

Skyline admin install - update does not work? pavel  2021-11-30

on my computer (Win10, Skyline-daily 64-bit, v. I have installed the Skyline software in the admin mode from the *.msi file („Skyline Administrator Install“). The installation of the Skyline program as Administrator from *.msi file worked nicely, the software runs, however checking for updates in the Help menu does not do anything. This holds both Skyline and Skyline-daily versions. By the way, I can install external tools there (e.g. Prego) as a common user when the appropriated accession rights for directories „C:\Program Files\Skyline“ or „C:\Program Files\Skyline-daily“ were set (i.e. Full access for Users using icacls command). Thank you for your help.
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Brendan MacLean responded:  2021-11-30

Hi Pavel,
It is an oversight that the menu item exists in any running version of Skyline that was not installed using the web installer. Skyline is not capable of checking for updates in either the Administrator Install or the ZIP file installer. Knowing that, you will need to track updates for these installers yourself. I will try to fix Skyline to automatically remove this menu item when it is not appropriate.

Thanks for posting to the Skyline support board.