File import failure

File import failure andrew rowland  2021-11-16

Hi Support team,

I am trying to import MRM data files that were generated on an Agilent 6495 QQQ through MassHunter software into Skyline, but am having issues with the import generating an error:

At 1:45 PM:
Failed importing results file 'E:\210715 AR Pfizer GLP1\WorklistData-0000.d'.
[ReaderFail] don't know how to read E:\210715 AR Pfizer GLP1\WorklistData-0000.d

I have uploaded an example data file (WorklistData-0004.d) that is giving this error to the file sharing section and was wondering if you can shed some light.


Brian Pratt responded:  2021-11-17

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for providing the example file. I find that it can't be opened with msconvert nor SeeMS, which means it's either damaged or some format variant that isn't supported by the ProteoWizard library. I rather think it's damaged, since as far as I know the only Agilent formats we don't handle are those that are from Chemstation, and this doesn't seem to be that kind of data.

Are you able to open the file with other tools?

Thanks for using the Skyline support board,

Brian Pratt