Skyline files not recognized after update

Skyline files not recognized after update mattkarasu  2021-10-29

I updated Skyline-daily yesterday after which all the .sky files I had were no longer recognized by the program.
to be clear, I could still open the program from the start bar, but if I tried to start the program from a *.sky file, it didnt know how to open
attached is what I see when I open my folder

I uninstalled Skyline-daily, then reinstalled.
nothing changed.
I tried pointing the file format to skyline, but skylines location could not be found. note. I do not have admin access.
By searching for the application in explorer I found it in appdata but I cannot access that folder.
I tried changing the default, but where there should be a *.sky, *.skyd file format there was none.

Its like the program exists but the PC does not recognize the sky file format.


Matt Karasu

Nick Shulman responded:  2021-10-29
Thank you for pointing this out.
It appears that we accidentally removed the file associations in the latest update of Skyline-Daily.
I will make sure that we fix this in the next update of Skyline-Daily.

-- Nick