RF Lens optimization in Skyline

RF Lens optimization in Skyline roman sakson  2021-10-26

Hi Skyline team,

I was looking for a possibility to tune RF lens values for Thermo QQQs in Skyline similarly to CE values and I stumbled across an older issue (505) regarding that. Are there any plans about that at the moment? We were discussing with our Thermo application specialist for the TSQ Altis that tuning the RF lens value can indeed make a difference for the quality of your analyte signal. Skyline would, of course, be a great software to make this happen.

Thank you for considering it,

Brian Pratt responded:  2021-10-27

As you've seen, this has been on the development list for quite a while but never risen to the top.

I don't know much about it, but it sounds like some kind of m/z based calculation rather than an iterative per-target optimization as with CE. Is that your understanding? (And if so, it's a little surprising that isn't just handled at the machine?)


roman sakson responded:  2021-10-28

Hi Brian,

thank you for getting back to me regarding this. I would see it in the way that instruments would provide you with an estimated equation to calculate RF lens values automatically (as they also do for CEs) based on m/z and tuning results. However this is, as always, an estimation. Accordingly to our Thermo application scientist contact, RF lens tuning could potentially improve signal intensity of individual analytes. However, I agree that this logic applies to many parameters, like declustering potential etc., which are not tunable via Skyline as of now. I was just encouraged to ask as I discovered the aforementioned issue 505.