installation of Sprocop

installation of Sprocop hjl  2021-10-21


First of all, Thank you for providing this great tool for us.

I've tried to install the additional tool called Sprocop within a Skyline on 3 computers but they all had the same error message.
(I did tried both R software, and skyline)

warning: unable to access index for the storage of
"package 'qcc' is available as a source package but not as a binary.
package 'qcc' is not available (for R version 3.0.2)
same as the car.

Is there any chance to get a solution for me to use the Sprocop tool to monitor the quality of my batches..

Waiting for your response :)

Thank you
hope you have a great day.

P.S I attached the warning screen shot

Nick Shulman responded:  2021-10-22
I believe the SProCoP external tool is obsolete.

The thing that you should use now instead is called "Auto QC". Here is the page that talks about Auto QC:

-- Nick