File Loading Error

File Loading Error germolus  2021-10-17

Hi there. Hoping this will be a quick issue.

I've encountered this error a couple of times now, where I go to open my most recently saved file and there's some error. In this case...

  • Positive mode: "Failure opening ........\ The file contains an error on line 16933 at column 9."
  • Negative mode: "Failure opening ........\ The file contains an error on line 10862 at column 9."

Now usually I'm pretty good about doing a "Save As'" with the current date so if something gets ganked up I can go back to the prior date. I didn't do that last week, and now the file's broken and I'd like this to not happen again.

I'll upload the files shortly. Thank you so much!

Nick Shulman responded:  2021-10-17
Here is a fixed version of that file "". You can your copy of that file and then you will be able to open it in Skyline. Skyline will warn you that the file has been changed and does not match what the Audit Log says it should be, but you can safely ignore that warning.

It seems that Skyline has a bug in it, and the Transition List that you inserted resulted in a document which cannot be reopened. This has something to do with Skyline assigning the wrong mass to the heavy precursor transitions.

It was very helpful that your audit log contained the text of the transition list that you pasted. This enabled me to reproduce the bug that you ran into.
After you inserted your transition list, you ended up with a lot of things that looked like the attached image "InvalidHeavyPrecursorTransition.PNG". There is a heavy precursor there "336.1296" but the precursor transition thinks its m/z is "330.1095", which is invalid. As a result, you will be unable to open this document after you save it.

I will try to find someone to fix this bug.
-- Nick