Error exporting method for Waters Xevo from Skyline

Error exporting method for Waters Xevo from Skyline cmboot  2021-09-01


I've created a transition list in Skyline 64 bit (v (9b577b3b8)) that I would like to export as a method or transition list to use on my Waters Xevo TQD system. Working from the instrument computer, when I choose 'export' and 'method' and select the Waters file provided in the 2021 small molecule online workshop (VerifyETemplate.exp) as the template field I get an error: System.IO.IOException: ERROR: Method not found: 'Boolean CompoundDatabaseClassLibrary.CompoundDatabase.InsertNewIonDetails(Int32, Int32, TransMode, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32)'.

I tried this with other .exp files and receive the same error, and the full text of the error is attached.

Thanks for your help!

Nick Shulman responded:  2021-09-01
Another user ran into this same error a few years ago in this support request:

You might be able to find a helpful answer on that page.
-- Nick