Peak Annotation with a selected/forced time frame

Peak Annotation with a selected/forced time frame Stephan Klatt  2021-08-25

Good Morning,

I am using Skyline for several years and mostly for metabolite analyses.
It often happens that peaks are automatically not correctly selected. In most cases this is the case when there are several peaks in the same time window. Even when I use the function 'Apply peak to all', it doesn't help me in most cases. Still the wrong peaks are annotated and often also different ones. This is a little bit frustrating, as I have to spend a lot of time in manual peak annotation.

I was wondering if you can implement the following function into Skyline-daily:
When you right-click into the intensity window, you get the function to manually enter a time frame which is used for peak annotation no matter what/if there is a peak. This function would force to use a selected time frame, e.g. 5.45 - 5.55 min. This would be fantastic and I can imagine that others have similar problems.

I would appreciate an answer. Thank you very much!

Kind regards,


Kaipo responded:  2021-08-26

Hi Stephan,
The code to do this has been written and should be in the next Skyline-daily.