Failed to install the Skyline

Failed to install the Skyline xguo  2021-08-23

Hi There,

I had a difficulty in installing Skyline to my office laptop. It always says that "Application installation did not succeed. Cannot locate application files on the server. Contact the application vendor or your administrator for assistance."

What would be the problem?

P.S I logged in with my personal email account, not my working email in the laptop.

Many thanks & best regards,


Nick Shulman responded:  2021-08-23
When you go that error, did the error message also tell you to go look at a log file? If you send us that log file, we might be able to give you more information.

You might have better luck with the "unplugged" installer, which you can download from here:

With the unplugged installer, you download a .zip file, extract its contents, and then run "setup.exe" from the extracted files.
-- Nick