Retention time decimal place

Retention time decimal place muluneh  2021-06-14

Is there a way to set up retention time decimal places? I use a windows computer and it displays only one decimal place. 14.3. Can I set up Skyline to display 14.32 or something like that?
I use RT +/- 0.02 min between the analyte and heavy labeled standard, and it's making the comparison a bit difficult. I know the skyline displays two decimal places when I export the report in Excel.


Nick Shulman responded:  2021-06-14
If you export your report by doing:
File > Export > Report
there is a "Language" dropdown at the bottom of the Export Report dialog.

If you choose "Invariant" as the language, then all of your numbers will be formatted to the maximum number of decimal places.

You can also right-click on the column in the Document Grid and use the "Number Format" menu item to change the format on a single column. (And, if you want Skyline to remember the formats that you have specified on your columns, you can use the "Remember Current Layout" menu item which appears on the pivot menu dropdown which is next to the Reports dropdown on the toolbar at the top of the Document Grid)
-- Nick
muluneh responded:  2021-06-14
Hi Nick,

Thanks for your response. I can see more than one decimal place in the report. But I would like to see, if available, two decimal places in the chromatogram display window so that I can judge the peak genuine based on my +/- 0.02 min rule before I export the report.

Brendan MacLean responded:  2021-07-28
Thanks for the suggestion. I have posted a TODO issue to allow this flexibility with the retention time annotations in the chromatogram graphs.
muluneh responded:  2021-09-01
Hi Brendan,
Thanks for considering my suggestions. Have you already updated the annotations? Do I need to uninstall and re-install Skyline software again to see the changes on my computer?