Having Issues with Chosen Peaks Being Removed

Having Issues with Chosen Peaks Being Removed kaitlyn b donohoo  2021-06-01


I'm having an issue where those transitions that are shown to be orange will switch which trace is red and which is green if new peaks are chosen on the red trace. It removes the peaks from the now red trace. This is an issue I've never encountered before but is now happening across all my skyline files. I have included the first file to have this issue.

kaitlyn b donohoo responded:  2021-06-01

My apologies, the file was too large. Is there a way I can share it despite the size?

I have uploaded it to the file upload link. It is listed as HBS Standards and the description says Donohoo Peaks Missing

Nick Shulman responded:  2021-06-01
You can upload your files here:

-- Nick
kaitlyn b donohoo responded:  2021-06-01
I have done so. It is called HBS Standards and the description says Donohoo Missing Peaks
Nick Shulman responded:  2021-06-01
Thank you for sending your Skyline document.

I am not sure I understand what your question is.
Skyline displays the chromatogram for the currently selected transition or precursor in red.
When you have a Molecule selected in the Targets tree, Skyline will display the chromatograms for both the heavy and light precursors.
If you select one or the other precursors, Skyline will display only the chromatogram for that precursor.

What you are describing sounds like what Skyline would do if you were selecting different things in the Targets tree and Skyline was displaying different chromatograms based on the selection.

Can you send us a screenshot of what you are seeing?
-- Nick