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Library matching atable  2021-05-20


I was wondering if it is possible in Skyline, to match a peak spectra to that of a library reference spectra?

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Brian Pratt responded:  2021-05-20

Can you expand on that a bit?

If you're asking whether Skyline can attempt to identify an unknown molecule by searching spctral libraries, the answer is no, Skyline is for targeted use. The assumption is that you already have some idea of what's in your sample. So we're normally downstream from that kind of search tool.

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Brian Pratt

Brian Pratt responded:  2021-05-20

(That said, Skyline does allow you to define a molecule and its fragments purely in terms of masses, so you can certainly work with unknowns in Skyline - it's just not the right tool with which to automatically ID them.)