Normalization method ratio to heavy

Normalization method ratio to heavy io  2021-05-10

Hi all,
A very short question. In peptide settings Normalization method I only have the option equalize medians but I want to choose the ratio to heavy option.
Where can I find this?
Thank you!

io responded:  2021-05-10

Hi again,
I have found the option, the solution was in the modifications tab.
My question now is that I have spiked different internal standard concentrations of the same peptide depending on the type of sample, but in the document grid I can only write the same internal standard concentration for all the samples. I cannot choose in sample A the concentration of the peptide is xx, in sample B the concentration is yy. I dont know how to do this.
Can you help me?

Nick Shulman responded:  2021-05-10
There is a column called "Explicit Analyte Concentration" which you can set if you have spiked your peptides in at completely different concentrations in the different external standards.
That column can be found in the Document Grid at:
Proteins > Peptides > Peptide Results

Alternatively, if your external standards are different dilutions of the same pool of a mixture of different peptides, then you can use the "Concentration Multiplier" column to specify what the concentration of that peptide was in that pool that you were diluting.
The Concentration Multiplier column can be found at:
Proteins > Peptides

-- Nick