Skyline Batch Download

Skyline Batch Download heyang  2021-05-04

I am trying to download Skyline Batch and keep getting the following error message that is attached. Has anyone encountered this problem?

Nick Shulman responded:  2021-05-04
I believe we have not seen that error before.

Can you send us the file "SkylineBatchProgram.log" that is referred to in that error message? That log file will probably have the information in it for us to figure out what went wrong.
-- Nick
heyang responded:  2021-05-04
I have attached the text document.

Thank you
alimarsh responded:  2021-05-04
This looks like a backwards compatibility issue. Try completely uninstalling Skyline Batch and reinstalling it to get the correct associated files. Let us know if that works!

heyang responded:  2021-05-05
We uninstalled, restarted computer, and attempted to reinstall the program and we continue to get the same error message.
alimarsh responded:  2021-05-05
Try navigating to this folder:
And rename the "user.config" file to "error-user.config"

This file is used by Skyline Batch to load saved settings, but it looks like it's causing an error in your case. Renaming it will allow Skyline Batch to generate a new file.

Let me know if that works.