another Skyline install problem

another Skyline install problem kvancott2  2021-05-01
Brand new Win10 Enterprise computer, 64 bit. This is a acquisition computer for a Sciex 6600+ TTOF-MS.

See attached screen-capture for error message.

I've looked through several pages of support requests regarding installation problems, and didn't see anything similar.

I get this error with both the downloaded setup and the off-line setup.

Install.log is also attached
Brendan MacLean responded:  2021-05-01
Have you tried deleting the file it is complaining about and trying again? Or maybe better to rename it to something else, in case you later decide that getting rid of it was a mistake.

I have never seen this error message, but it makes it sound like that file is somehow stale.
Nick Shulman responded:  2021-05-03
Have you fixed your problem?

It looks like the Skyline installer is having trouble installing .Net Framework 4.7.2

My understanding is that the .Net Framework versions that start with "4" are backwards compatible, so that if you install .Net Framework 4.8, you will not need to install 4.7.2.

Therefore (if you are still having trouble), I would recommend that you try installing .Net Framework 4.8 Runtime from here:
And then, after that, try installing Skyline again from the Skyline website.

If you are not able to install Skyline that way, you might have better luck with the "unplugged" installer:
-- Nick