Error: No matching mod

Error: No matching mod valerie huhle  2021-03-25

we were trying to open a MaxQuant search (version with the new modifications Iodination (Y) with the "Import DDA Peptide search" from skyline (version 20.2). Before that we saved the new modifications.local.xml and modifications.xml into the same folder, where the msms.txt file is located. Nevertheless it still gives us the added error.
With chlorination (Y) we got a corresponding error.
If we try to open a MaxQuant search for only oxidations (M) skyline works fine.
I hope you can help us with that problem,

Nick Shulman responded:  2021-03-25

Can you also send us your "mqpar.xml" file? I believe we also need that file in order to reproduce this problem.
-- Nick
valerie huhle responded:  2021-03-25
sure, here it is
Nick Shulman responded:  2021-03-25
BiblioSpec is unable to handle Iodine and Chlorine modifications in MaxQuant search results.
This problem was reported by another user in December:

I will ask around again and we will probably be able to release a Skyline-Daily with this fixed in a few weeks.
-- Nick
matt.chambers42 responded:  2021-12-03
All MaxQuant elements will be supported in the next Skyline release and next Skyline-daily. Thanks for your patience!