Feature Request - Cycle Time

Feature Request - Cycle Time Tobi  2021-02-15

Hi Skyline Team,

could you please think about adding a calculated average cycle time to the report features? It is a really important feature to check in PRM and DIA runs repeatedly. While it can be easily calculated from RT start, RT end and Points Across the Peak, having it in Skyline directly would be a big plus.

With best wishes,

Kaipo responded:  2021-02-15

Hi Tobias,
We will add this. Do you have any suggestions on what units the values should be in (seconds?) and how many decimal places to display?


Tobi responded:  2021-02-15

Hi Kaipo,

Cool! I would prefer seconds as in many cases we aim at 2-3 s cycle time. 2 Decimals should be good and more than enough, 1 decimal might also work.

Also, for me it is ok if it is a simple, average cycle time. I know and you might add as warning that in scheduled PRM the cycle time can suddenly change a bit. An average cycle time should still be good enough and of high value.

Thats just my personal opinion.

Thank you very much!


Brendan MacLean responded:  2021-02-15

Perhaps we should consider what to call it then to make it sufficiently descriptive of what this metric represents. Something like:

Average Integrated Cycle Time In Seconds

And it would be calculated as: (MaxEndTime - MinStartTime)/average(Transition.PointsAcrossPeak)*60

I think probably 2 decimal places shown in the Document Grid (with full precision available with exporting to "Invariant" format) would be good. It is worth considering that some applications will use higher flow rates and have narrower peaks, where 2-3 second cycle times may not be enough to ensure 8-10 points across a peak, usually considered the acceptable minimum.

Does that all make sense?

Just want to make sure we have some agreement before Kaipo sets out to implement this.

Thanks for your feedback, Tobi.


Tobi responded:  2021-02-16

Hi all,

just my limited point of view, Brendans plan sounds excellent. My only comment is, can it be set in a way that it only uses the transition levels (all,MS1,MS2) that are set for quantification?


Brendan MacLean responded:  2021-02-16

Kaipo just added a project pull request:


It appears to be at the TransitionResult level instead of the PrecursorResult level that I was suggesting. That does make some sense, given that Points Across the Peak is at the TransitionResult level, and as you point out cycle times may differ between MS1 and MS2 transitions.

Kaipo also used the column name "Average Cycle Time". I guess that is fine, and we can indicate the units in the column help?

Interested in your feedback, Tobi, before we merge this simple bit of code into the project for a Skyline-daily release.

Tobi responded:  2021-02-16

Hi Brendan and Kaipo,

thanks a lot, sounds all very good.

Column name and unit in help work fine. Nicks comment "Across Peak" is good, but it would also apply to most other columns like area etc., its not critically needed and can go to documentation or tooltip.

Transition results level seems good as well. In nearly all cases it should not matter a lot if MS1 or MS2, but just in case it might be good having cycle time not fixed on just one of them.

Thank you so much for the replies and the help.