CE optimization

CE optimization hjl  2021-01-20

Dear, Skyline team

First of all, I wanted to send a huge thanks for you to support us by this far useful software.

On the way i am using a CE optimization option in Skyline, I got a question which turned out to be misterious for me.

In my study, I targeted 8 compounds for collison energy optimization and the process was described below.

  1. Specified 3 transition per compound by direct infusion
  2. Based on specified transition, set methods for 1st CE optimization( step size 4, step count 6) = 1st analysis
  3. Analyzed and clarified the best CE for each transition
  4. On the basis of 1st result, set methods for 2nd CE optimization( step size 1, step count 3) = 2nd analysis
  5. Analyzed and acquired the final optimized CE for every transition each
  6. Compared two methods( one = original method earned by direct infusion ; the other = obtained by CE optimization)

My question is on the 1st optimization, I could clearly see that the CE optimization is needed for every compounds
then, after setting the optimized method( on the comparison step) Original data showed far better results than the other.
If the original data is better than modified one, what made the optimization result (especially that of 1st optimization) different ?

Thank you for your help as always.

Brendan MacLean responded:  2021-01-27

Agreed. That seems pretty strange. I think you would need to provide your files to us for us to have a chance in untangling the cause and confirming that you have measured what you feel you have measured.

Thanks for your post to the Skyline support board.