SRM-triggered MS2 for QTRAP

SRM-triggered MS2 for QTRAP tobias.kockmann  2013-07-16
Hi there,

does skyline support method development for SRM-triggered MS2 on ABsciex QTRAP instruments? There is a method type "triggered" in the Export window, but I always get the message:

"To export a scheduled method , you must first choose a retention time predictor in Peptide Settings/Settings".

To my understanding this does not quite make sense for a SRM-triggered MS2 experiment...could this be a software bug, since the same message also appears when selecting the type "Scheduled"???

I am running skyline-daily

Brendan MacLean responded:  2013-08-17
Hi Tobi,
Unfortunately, SRM-triggered MS2 on AB SCIEX QTRAP instruments is not yet supported in Skyline. The existing "triggered" method type in Skyline is for triggered SRM (a.k.a. iSRM) on Agilent and Thermo instruments in Skyline v1.4 and support for AB SCIEX instruments coming in Skyline v2.1.

If you are interested in seeing support for this feature added, I would recommend contacting AB SCIEX, as they have been active in adding method export support for their instruments to Skyline.

Thanks for your post.

heyang responded:  2020-02-04
Does current version (v20) support SRM-triggered MS2 on Sciex QTRAP?