Cannot fill in Protein Description field in 'Edit>Insert>Peptides'

Cannot fill in Protein Description field in 'Edit>Insert>Peptides' shaoen  2020-09-09


I would like to fill all three fields (peptide sequence, protein name, protein description) when adding a list of peptides but it seems I can't enter anything in the protein description field. Data in the first two columns work fine. What am I missing?

Skyline version: Skyline-Daily

Brian Pratt responded:  2020-09-09

This does appear to be broken, thanks for reporting it. I'll investigate and fix ASAP.

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Brian Pratt

Brian Pratt responded:  2020-09-09

OK, it's not broken - or rather, it's always worked this way: that's a read-only field that gets populated when the protein name matches a protein in your background proteome. So I'm guessing you just need to set up a background proteome.