support in Shimadzu LabSOlutions LCMS 5.99 SP2

support in Shimadzu LabSOlutions LCMS 5.99 SP2 Stephane MOREAU  2020-08-28


it seems that Skyline cannot read data coming from the latest version of SHimadzu LabSolutions LCMS 5.99 SP2 ?


Brian Pratt responded:  2020-08-28

Hi Stephanie,

Can you provide an example LabSolutions output file that shows the problem?


Brian Pratt

matt.chambers42 responded:  2020-09-10

Hi Stephanie,

Have you tried again in the latest Skyline-daily? That includes a DLL update from Shimadzu that should fix this issue.


matt.chambers42 responded:  2020-09-14

I was able to reproduce the issue with your RAW file. I'll work on the fix ASAP.

matt.chambers42 responded:  2020-09-15

A fix for this will be in the next daily or release candidate.