Skyline CMD help

Skyline CMD help smanda  2020-08-13

Hi Brendon/Kaipo,

I am trying to build a spectral library all using command line as we are trying to automate some of the steps at our lab. To this, I am unable to figure out, how can I choose peptides standards for RT calibration (after I import the library). My current steps are:

  1. SkylineCmd.exe --import-search-file=searchresults.mzid --import-fasta=20190717_Uniprot_concat_decoys.fasta
    This step creates a nr library and adds the peptides as targets.
    I do not specify RT peptides here.
    I then import a report format

  2. SkylineCmd.exe" --report-add=skyline.skyr

  3. SkylineCmd.exe --report-name=OpenSWATH --report-file=test_report.tsv --report-format=tsv

I see that the exported reported as several NAs in the iRT column. We have around 40 endogenous peptides that are added as iRT standards in all experiments, can you please let me know, how to I add them at RT peptides and export the report with iRT values.


Kaipo responded:  2020-08-20

Hi Srikanth,

This functionality should've been available from the command line, but we overlooked it. It will be available soon (likely next month).