Skyline Access Error

Skyline Access Error diana saggese  2020-07-29

I cannot access Skyline documents made using a previous version. Could I please get access to these files?


Brendan MacLean responded:  2020-07-29

This is a document created with a “future version” not a previous version. Perhaps we should clarify this message.

The document was created with Skyline-daily, which is our running beta release for Skyline 20.2, while you must be trying to open it with Skyline 20.1.

You can use Skyline-daily to open this file and the File > Share to save to the Skyline 20.1 format. However, information may be lost in the older format.

Hope this makes the issue clearer. Thanks for posting the message.


Brendan MacLean responded:  2020-07-29

Nick, on the Skyline team, pointed out that you are likely using a version older than Skyline 20.1 because we haven't used that particular format of the error message you are seeing in a while. You can find out exactly which version you are using in Help > About.

The solution remains to upgrade to the most recent Skyline-daily ( and Skyline ( and then use File > Share to convert back from Skyline-daily to Skyline if necessary.