AutoQC upload on Panorama issue

AutoQC upload on Panorama issue Cedric  2020-07-21


I am using AutoQC for uploading my Waters file on Panorama (local installation). For most of my analysis it is working well, but for some project, AutoQC cannot update the results in Panorama. I got the log error message attached. What should I do to fix this?

Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards


Vagisha responded:  2020-07-22

Hi Cedric,

Which version of LabKey Server (Panorama) are you running? Are there any '%' characters in your raw file paths? A similar issue was fixed in a patch release of LabKey Server 19.3.

If you are already running version 20.3 or newer of LabKey Server then we will be able to investigate further if you can share your Skyline document with us. In Skyline do File > Share and save the file. You can upload it here: Or, if you prefer, you can email it to me at


Cedric responded:  2020-07-22

Dear Vagisha,

we have 19.3. We reset everything and it works again. If the issue is coming again, I will try what you are saying. We will also soon update to 20.3

Thanks a lot for your help and quick reply. You can consider the request as closed