Export Peak Areas light and heavy separate

Export Peak Areas light and heavy separate camiel aarents  2020-07-15

Dear operators,

For my experiment i spiked heavy labelled isotope peptides in all my experimental samples to quantify my peptide of interest.

i found that via export-> report -> Peptide Ratio Results i get the ratio between sum of heavy and light transitions in my sample which is very usefull. However i would also like to have the sum of light and heavy transitions separate (thus not a calculated ratio). Is this also available in an export file?

Best, Camiel

Nick Shulman responded:  2020-07-15

The Custom Reports tutorial is a great place to start to learn about the sorts of data that can be included in Skyline reports:

The column which has the area for the heavy and light precursors is called "Total Area" and it can be found in the report editor at:
Proteins > Peptides > Precursors > Precursor Results > Total Area
-- Nick