small feature improvement

small feature improvement Tobi  2020-07-13

Hi Skyline Team,

hope you had a good start into the week.

The M-1 chromatogram feature is so valuable but heavily underutilized as the user needs to click several times for each single precursor to enable it. Also, its quite a hidden feature.

Can you please add the option on having it enabled for all Precursors, for example by writing "M-1" or sth. else in the window next to p, y, b under Transition filter settings?

With best wishes,

Chris Ashwood responded:  2020-07-22

I would like to also request this feature. Manually clicking on M-1 for all my precursors is laborious and means I need to do it as part of every spectral library import. I've seen great applications in proteomics as well as glycomics.