Reprocessing with new parameters

Reprocessing with new parameters thomas boegl  2020-06-24

I have following problem:
When I change any parameters e.g. adding new molecules ( Insert --> Transition List... ) I do not get any results until I do "Manage Results.." and Re-Import the files. Is there a simpler way to do reprocessing only for the new molecules?
I am currently starting to work with skyline.

Thank you!


Nick Shulman responded:  2020-06-24
There is no faster way to do this.

Edit > Manage Results > Reimport
is the recommended thing to do after adding new molecules, or changing settings that might affect chromatogram extraction.

Skyline extracts chromatograms by reading every spectrum from the beginning of the run to the end of the run, and extracting chromatograms for all of the targets in your document. A lot of effort has gone into making that go as fast possible, and we have not implemented any sort of optimizations for cases where only a subset of the document needs to have chromatograms extracted.
-- Nick
thomas boegl responded:  2020-06-24
Thank you for the fast respond.
I see the advantages in doing so and its a good idea for faster processing.