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Document Grid Tobi  2020-06-15

Dear Skyline team,

hope you are doing well. I would like to drop some inspiration below.

Could you please add the Acquisition cycle time in seconds to the document grid? I know that people can calculate that themselves, but it would be very helpful to have the option for QC to check it directly in Skyline without having to export first and calculate by hand. The cycle time in seconds would be ((End Time - Start Time) / Points Across Peak * 60s) on the Transition level.

Another really important value was highlighted by the Heidelberg CF, which is the Tailing Factor. It is as old as chromatography itself and crucial in QC for observing tailing which requires hardware maintenance as well as indicating interference for reviewing transitions. It would work extremely well together with peak picking by avant-garde DIA as the boundaries could be set in an X% max intensity fashion. Please see below.

Page 27: User Group Meeting at ASMS/%40files/Presentations/1-01-Sakson.pdf

With best regards,