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Hide from View Jan Sklenar  2020-06-09

Hi Brendan,

I would like to be able to hide some chromatograms from view, without completelly removing them from document. Is it possible? The reason is, I like to keep all data for future purposes, but wish to compare only some runs in my QC data document.


Brendan MacLean responded:  2020-06-09

You should be able to just click the X to close the chromatogram and have the graphs go away. Anything you do to select the replicate after that will bring it back. You can use: 1) the Targets - Replicate dropdown list, 2) View > Chromatograms > name, 3) View > Chromatograms > Next/Previous (Ctrl-Down/Up)

Hope this helps you achieve what you are asking for.


Jan Sklenar responded:  2020-12-02
Hi Brendan, thanks for the hint, chromatograms can hide. What I hoped for is the other plots, peak areas and retenton time bar plots, also get updated, i.e. calculations from hidden chromatograms are temporarily removed from those plots. It would be intuitive to hook it with the click on the "X" on chromatograms or alternatively, a visible/hidden function in "Manage Results" would be nice as well.

Thanks - Jan