Some small molecules don't support calibration curve

Some small molecules don't support calibration curve philip remes  2020-05-27

Hi guys,

I have a small molecule document that is being used to analyze a dilution curve. Of 79 molecules, 2 of the calibration curves give the message "Error: All of the external standards are missing one or more peaks". This would appear to be similar to other reported issues.

Other support requests that mention this error, but don't seem to help me

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However, there is no internal standard normalization, the Analyze Concentrations are set, and the Sample Types are set to standard. Additionally it's kind of weird that just two of them do this, when they both have reasonable looking Peak Area plots vs Analyte Concentration.


Nick Shulman responded:  2020-05-27

The problem is that all of the peaks for your internal standard replicates are "truncated", which means that the edge of the peak is at the same location as the end of the chromatogram.

Here is a support request where someone had the same issue:

Brendan has some instructions there on how you can "rescue" replicates by moving the peak boundary a little bit.
-- Nick