Pivot Editor Median Feature

Pivot Editor Median Feature roman sakson  2020-05-20

Dear Skyline Team,

first of all, thank you for adding the pivot editor capability to the report grids, making Skyline even more versatile! I was wondering whether it would make sense to add the option median to what the editor can do, as at the moment only the mean seems available. I think that the median could be helpful at least in some cases as it is more robust against outliers than the mean.

Thank you for consideration,


Nick Shulman responded:  2020-05-20
Yes, it would be straightforward to implement that.

The interesting thing is that Skyline could calculate the median on a set of values that it would not be able to calculate the mean of. For instance, the median peptide is the one that is at the middle of the list alphabetically. There's some question of what should be done if there are an even number of peptides, since you can't take the average of two peptide sequences. I think we will probably make it so that you can only take the median of values that are numbers.
-- Nick
roman sakson responded:  2020-05-20
Hi Nick,

interesting! Another thing that I meant to ask about for quite some time now: how hard would it be to enable simple mathematical calculations between values from different columns in a report, like it is possible in Excel, Perseus etc? For example, to take the Retention Time value and to subtract the Start or the End Time of a peak directly in Skyline?

Brendan MacLean responded:  2020-05-22
Yeah. We know adding a simple expression language for columns is a desirable feature. It's not cheap and it hasn't made it to the top of our list.

Thanks for your feedback, Roman.

roman sakson responded:  2020-05-22
It's my pleasure, thank you for considering it!

See you next week at the UGM.