Setting up Skyline in a Virtual Environment

Setting up Skyline in a Virtual Environment halve021  2020-05-01
The University of Minnesota is working toward a virtual delivery pilot in the research space. Can you tell me if the license for Skyline allows the software to run in a Citrix or XenApp environment?

If this is not possible, can they be delivered via Remote Desktop Services?

Thank you for your time,
...Justin Halverson
IT - University of Minnesota
oana vigy responded:  2020-05-01
Dear Justin,

just to let you know that we're using Skyline (administration install) on Windows Server 2016 with few users accounts for remote desktop access. It works fine!

Best regards,

Brendan MacLean responded:  2020-05-01
The Administrator Installer was in part created to help our collaborators at ETH achieve their virtualization goals.

We hope it will work for you on any Windows-based virtualization strategy.