What is a ".skyl" file?

What is a ".skyl" file? roman sakson  2020-02-27

Dear Skyline team,

I have noticed some time ago that there seem to be a newer type of Skyline document, which I have not seen before, with the ending .skyl. I am just wondering what type of information is stored in there and whether it can be deleted without much damage done, as for example, the sky.view file?

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Brendan MacLean responded:  2020-02-27
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Hi Roman,
That is the Skyline audit log file. You can get rid of it by turning off audit logging. Though, keeping the audit log has obvious benefits, especially when you need to write about what you did in Skyline for the methods sections of a manuscript.

Here is a tutorial on audit logging in Skyline:


We are expecting a paper in Bioinformatics later this year after positive reviews.


roman sakson responded:  2020-02-27
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Hi Brendan,

thanks for the fast explanation! I have already discovered the audit log feature but never really used it so far and did not make the connection to the skyl. This sounds very useful, looking forward to the paper!