How to automatically export skyline results to email?

How to automatically export skyline results to email? kaylee xu  2020-02-20

Hello skyline team,
Could skyline export csv. format result to my email automatically? If yes, then how?

Thank you!


Nick Shulman responded:  2020-02-20

If you want to learn how to use the command line to tell Skyline to export a report, you should look at the Command Line Interface documentation:
(This information is a little bit out of date. You can get the most recent documentation in Skyline with the menu item "Help > Documentation > Command Line")

You could write a batch script which calls Skyline and exports a report to a .csv file.
The batch script could then use some other program (not sure what) to send that .csv file as an email message.

If you want to use Skyline to monitor all of the data that is collected on a particular mass spectrometer and post the results to a website, then you should take a look at Panorama AutoQC:

-- Nick