Not displaying all files in the skyline document View Tiled

Not displaying all files in the skyline document View Tiled rle041  2020-02-18

Dear skyline team,

First of all, thank you for a great program.
I am currently working on a PRM project where I have approximately 200 PRM runs in the same skyline document.
To check the peak integration, I can only look at 100 at a time if I click view->arrange graphs->tiled,
I am very sure that the remaining .raw files are loaded into the document, and the "missing" files are displayed if I click on them in the retention time- replicate comparison view. Also, when the graphs are tabbed, not every file is displayed in the tabs.
Noticably, not all peaks require manual integration, but some do, and it is also nice to check wether some have been cut etc. I was therefore wondering if there is a way to organise my skyline workspace so that I can access all easily? For instance, have two pages of 100 files each that I can easily switch between?

Hopefully you can help me!

Ragnhild Reehorst Lereim

Brendan MacLean responded:  2020-02-18

Hi Ragnhild,
We did set a limit of 100 active panes in 20.1, because the package that manages the panes eventually experiences performance issues with this number unbounded. For one, it consumes windows handles for every pane and it can actually run the system up to its handle limit and that kills Skyline.

You can, however, still view all 200 replicates in your document. It is just that when you do something to activate a replicate which does not currently have an assigned pane, Skyline will assign it a pane, I think replacing the least recently used pane. You should be able to see this in action, but clicking on a replicate in any of the replicate summary graph panes (e.g. Retention Times: or Peak Areas: Replicate Comparison) or by using the "Replicates" dropdown list in the Targets view, or by using Ctrl-Up or Ctrl-Down to cycle through the replicates in your document. Or by clicking a replicate link in either the Document Grid or the Results Grid.

Hope this helps. The maximum 100 visible panes is an effort to address a real issue. It was our belief that the tabbed UI becomes extremely cumbersome anyway with that many active panes, and that users were more likely to rely on the UI elements I have listed above for navigating their replicates.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your feedback.