Error when importing .wiff file

Error when importing .wiff file aleksandr stotland  2020-02-13


I am trying to import the results file and Skyline throws up the error that I have attached. Previously the data loaded correctly. Thank you,


Brian Pratt responded:  2020-02-13

Thanks for reporting the error.

I think I see the issue in the code, but could you provide the wiff file and Skyline document (use File>Share>Complete) so I can be certain of the correction?


Brian Pratt

aleksandr stotland responded:  2020-02-13

Sure thing, attached. Thank you for the help

Nick Shulman responded:  2020-02-13
You did not actually attach a file. That probably means that the file you tried to attach was more than 50MB.

You can upload larger files here:

-- Nick
aleksandr stotland responded:  2020-02-14
Thank you Nick, I've uploaded the files. Best,

Brian Pratt responded:  2020-02-14
Thanks for sending the files. We will correct this in our next release, but for now you can work around the problem by turning off "Use spectral library ion mobility values when present" as shown in the attached graphic. (This assumes you aren't using ion mobility filtering, of course).

Thanks for using the Skyline support board!

Brian Pratt