New Feature Request

New Feature Request Peter Jackson  2020-01-24


Just wanted to again request that a future version of Skyline be able to go directly from document to method on an Agilent QTOF. It's very helpful for our Agilent QqQ and we would get a lot of use out of the ability to do it on our QTOF. Thank you.

Brendan MacLean responded:  2020-01-24

Hi Peter,
We are blocked on this request by needing a DLL provided by Agilent. They provided us a very nice DLL for their QqQ, but have so far not followed suit on the QTOF, preferring instead to have us just implement File > Export > Isolation List.

We are happy to do the work once we have the DLL, but we rely on our instrument vendors to write their own formats and, therefore, require vendor code to do the work of joining the table we generate with a template method provided by the users.

I encourage you to lobby for this with Agilent. This work will go very quickly once we have a DLL for QTOF with similar functionality to the one they gave us for QqQ.

Thanks for your interest in extending the functionality Skyline can provide you and other Agilent QTOF users.