Scheduling Lumos Targeted Method Development

Scheduling Lumos Targeted Method Development romeally  2020-01-15

So I am trying to build a scheduled method for 224 peptides which are all +2 charge. When I go into build the multiple methods to get the scheduling I selected 30 precursors maximum per run thinking this should be about 8 injections, but under Thermo Fusion it says I need 172 methods to get there. If I switch it up to QE or Agilent QTOF it says 8. I did a test export and I found 172 .csv files some with only 1 peptide in them. Is this a bug? Should I use the QE settings? What is the most isolation precursors I should use in method building for a Lumos instrument? In any event 172 methods can not be I have some weird setting I am missing? This is with fixed carbamidomethyl and all +2 charge so it should be exactly 224 precursors.