Problems Installing Skyline

Problems Installing Skyline alex apffel  2019-11-19
I'm installing Skyline 64bit on a new computer within the Agilent Technologies Firewall. I have done this before on earlier versions without mishap. Having disable our normal security parameters, I open setup as an adminstrator and get this message shown in figure 1. Clicking on the Link in this window to skyline sends me to my browser home page. Clicking on the link to University of Washington Link sends me to the screen shown in figure 2. Accept the certificate and retrying yields the same result. Any ideas? Alex
Nick Shulman responded:  2019-11-19
Here is a web page that talks about that message.

The first answer says that you should need to add some keys to the Registry in order to be able to install this software.
-- Nick
alex apffel responded:  2019-11-19
That worked.