How to get the peak area for the precursor in a PRM run?

How to get the peak area for the precursor in a PRM run? ekramh1982  2019-11-14

I have a PRM run with only one precursor (file attached). At the end of run I would ideally like to have the peak areas for the precursors. In the attached images the areas that are plotted are of the product ions (View->Peak Areas->Replicate Comparison). How do I get the area for the precursor in different runs. Also, in the area plot in red colors, what are those numbers (126, 129...) at the baseline of the peaks? And is there any way to print out the numbers or plot the numbers? If someone can point to a webinar that shows this, that will be great. Thank you.

Nick Shulman responded:  2019-11-14
If you want to get lists of numbers out of Skyline, you should use the Document Grid.

Here is the tutorial that covers the Document Grid and exporting reports:

The numbers that you are seeing at the base of your peaks in the chromatogram graph tell you the number of data points that the mass spectrometer had between the peak boundaries ("points across the peak").

-- Nick
ekramh1982 responded:  2019-11-14
Thank you Nick!