Multiple working groups on Panorama

Multiple working groups on Panorama Sarah Parker  2019-11-13

Hello! I am still a user in my Post Doctoral lab, but now I have my own lab and am an administrator for a new Panorama project that will house my independent projects. When I try to upload to Panorama from Skyline, I only see my old lab's folder and not my new folder recently made of which I am the administrator.

I've tried resetting Panorama log in within the Tools > Properties window, but nothing is working. Can you please advise how I can make my Skyline program talk to my new Panorama folder?



Vagisha responded:  2019-11-13

Hi Sarah,

Skyline is not seeing the folder from your new project on PanoramaWeb because that folder is not a Panorama type folder. You should select "Panorama" as the folder type if you want Skyline to be able to recognize it: a folder in Panorama

Since this is a new folder you can delete it and create a new one of the correct type. To change the type of an existing folder you can go the the admin menu (gear icon in the top right) in Panorama, and select Folder > Management. Click the "Folder Type" tab, select "Panorama" as the folder type and click "Update Folder". You will be presented with a "Panorama Setup" panel where you can choose the type of Panorama folder you want (experimental data, QC or library). Click "Finish" after you have made a selection.

Let me know if this does not work.


Sarah Parker responded:  2019-11-13

Ok that worked - I had already made a subfolder already that I stipulated to be of 'Panorama' type. I didn't realize that when the parent folder is made to initiate the lab, it is not set to be a 'panorama' type folder, and that this seems to need to be manually set, at least in my case. Thanks!

Vagisha responded:  2019-11-13

I am glad it worked out! The parent project does not need to be a "Panorama" type folder. As long as there is at least one sub-folder in the project that is a "Panorama" folder Skyline will show that to you when you try to upload a document to the server.