Ignoring the PDA data trace (FUNC003)

Ignoring the PDA data trace (FUNC003) stsyp  2019-10-22

Hey Skyline

I'm using skyline to analyze SmallMolecules. Back in the days I had QC data files that only consisted out of two traces (FUNC001 and FUNC002) whereof the first one is the data of the sample and the second one the data of the lockmass. For a while I added a third trace into the data acquisition method (FUNC003) that consisted of the data from a PDA detector. These data traces are huge but didn't botter skyline to function as it did before (it was just very very slow). My workaround was opening that FUNC003 trace in notepad and deleting a bunch of data points in the middle before I processed the data in skyline --> slow in the beginning, fast in the middle and slow in the end).
I've been running without PDA for over a year now, but since short I need it again and my workaround doesn't seem to work at all anymore --> skyline stops working (even when I don't delete a bunch of data points in the middle).

Are there settings that I can change so the FUNC003 trace is ignored like it was only a file with two FUNC files?
In attached I've already shared a .raw file to clarify my problem.

Steven Vds

stsyp responded:  2019-10-22

File did not succeed to be uploaded, I've uploaded it to the file-sharing page.

matt.chambers42 responded:  2019-10-22

Hi Steven,

It seems to be crashing at peak picking because of the PDA trace. This is a bug we have reported to Waters and are waiting on a fix for.

Your older efforts were probably before Skyline had support for Waters peak picking. I can read your data fine when I turn peak picking off in Transition Settings -> Full Scan -> Product Mass Analyzer / Precursor Mass Analyzer.

Hope this helps,

stsyp responded:  2019-10-23

Goodmorning (In Belgium at least)

I've put both Product and Precursor Mass Analyzer on "TOF" (there was no "off" option) and everything seems to be okay now.

Steven Vds