problems during install

problems during install zhengki  2019-09-29

Please help me with this problem in installing.

Thanks very much!!!

Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-09-29

What type of installation did you try? It looks like the installation is failing for lack of a valid .NET 4.7.2 installation. I would expect the installers except the ZIP file "unplugged" installer to get .NET 4.7.2 installed correctly for you automatically. However, if you are using the ZIP file "unplugged installer" then you need to read carefully the pre-requisites at the bottom of the page, which include directions for how to install .NET 4.7.2:

You can see on this page, that it suggests the following link for installing .NET 4.7.2 your self:

I guess even if you are not using the ZIP file "unplugged" installer, I would try installing .NET 4.7.2 yourself until you can get it successfully installed and then try installing Skyline again.


zhengki responded:  2019-09-29

Thanks a lot for your anwer.

However, what I wanted to install is 32-bit skyline and I have downloaded th setup program from 32-bit skyline website.
I have successfully installed net framework 4.7.2 but the setup of skyline failed at the very beginning. I downloaded skyline.application from '' according to error reason. But I failed to install it with a detailed file named as HBD6TR5K attached.It seemed that SSL/TLS safe tunel was not built.

Please take a look at the two attached files.

Thanks again!

Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-09-30

Yes. Both need .NET 4.7.2. Here are the 32-bit links:

If you get a SSL/TLS failure, this usually means you need to make sure all Windows Updates are current on your system. Or you will need to resort to the installer in the ZIP file and take care of the pre-requisites yourself.

May be time to start thinking about a 64-bit computer. Even Skyline will eventually stop supporting 32 bit. Maybe not that far off, since only about 2% of our use currently is from 32-bit computers.