Raw files moved

Raw files moved ingo.wohlgemuth  2019-09-28


thanks for the great software.
I analyzed a larger DDA dataset with MS1filtering. Unfortunately, the external disk with the RAW files crashed. I still have the skyline file on my computer and a backup of the maxquant search plus raw files of the corresponding analysis. However, Skyline expects the original location of the raw files on the broken external memory.

  1. Is it possible to reimport the data in the skyline files from a new folder?
    or 2. is there another way to reconnect skyline analysis and raw data (plus maxquant search)?

Thanks in advance!


Nick Shulman responded:  2019-09-28
You can copy the .raw files into the same folder as your .sky file.

Whenever Skyline does not find a .raw file in its original location, Skyline then checks to see whether the .raw file is in the same folder as the .sky file.