semi-automated removal of 'interfered' transitions?

semi-automated removal of 'interfered' transitions? Jason Held  2019-09-04


I've got a very large DIA analysis, used mProphet for peak picking, and am wondering if Skyline has any additional features I'm not aware of that help for (semi?)-automated removal of interfered or bad performing transitions such as the y10 in LPDGNGIELCR highlighted in your large scale DIA tutorial.


Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-09-04

Hi Jason,
Nothing quite yet. Though, it is an area of interest.

Your best option right now would be to have a look at AvantGardeDIA in the Skyline Tool Store.

Hope this helps.


Jason Held responded:  2019-09-04

Interesting. Thanks Brendan.