Problems about install skyline 19 on Windows10?

Problems about install skyline 19 on Windows10? kaylee xu  2019-09-01

Hi skyline team,
I download a skyline19 package from skyline website, but I can not install it successfully. When I click the setup, It always occurred a problem saying that application download did not successed.

Nick Shulman responded:  2019-09-01
The error that you are getting is:
        - The operation has timed out.
The log file says that it's unable to download the file:

This looks like the sort of error that will only happen once, and if you try it again, it will work correctly.

Can you try to install Skyline again and if it fails again, send us the new .log file? It would be helpful to see whether it is always failing while downloading the same file ("baf2sql_c.dll") or whether it fails on a different file.

If you are unable to get Skyline to install, you might have to use the "unplugged" version of Skyline, which you can install from here:

-- Nick